7 Best Cat Breeders in California! (2022)

In this post, you will find details of some of the best cat breeders in California. Even better, the breeders covered in this post specialize in one or two cat breeds. So whether you are looking for a British Shorthair or a Ragdoll, rest assured you’ll find that ideal cat breeder in California below.

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1. Mainesuspect Maine Coons

Mainesuspect Maine Coons California

Starting off this list of cat breeders in California is Mainesuspect Maine Coons. Mainesuspect Maine Coons specializes in breeding high-quality, gorgeous Maine Coons.

They produce from exquisite sires that are health tested of PKD, HCM (are all clear). Combine this with the fact that their litters receive regular vet visits, and you have healthy kittens.

Mainesuspect Maine Coons actively shows their cats in various CFA and TICA judged shows. As a result, their cats have gone to win awards in these shows. Another information worth pointing out is that they only allow their litters to leave their home at 12 weeks.

Mainesuspect Maine Coons Details

2. Kingsley Kittens

Kingsley Kittens Cat Breeders California

Established in 2014, Kingsley Kittens prides itself in breeding beautiful and distinct Kittens. Kingsley Kittens complies with California Pet Health Standards guaranteeing healthy litters with loving temperaments. Kingsley Kittens specializes in two cat breeds, the Himalayans and Persians.

They have a wide range of these two cat breeds in their care like Seal Torte Himalayan Persian, Seal Point Himalayan Persian, Cream Point Himalayan Persian, Flame Point Himalayan Persian, Blue Point Himalayan Persian, Seal Lynx Point Himalayan Persian, and Chocolate Point Himalayan Persian. Worth noting about Kingsley Kittens,

Kingsley Kittens Details

3. Valley of The Ragdolls

Valley of The Ragdolls Cat Breeders California

Valley of The Ragdolls is another high-quality cat breeder in California. Valley of The Ragdolls, as the name suggests, specializes in Ragdolls. They take pride in breeding purebred Ragdolls that are healthy with loving temperaments.

Their litters and cats come from TICA-certified cat show champions and high hereditary lines. They do this intentionally to ensure they produce only the best with their breeding.

As such, you can expect purebred Ragdolls that conform to the breed. Whether its appearance or temperament, rest assured that the Ragdoll you get from Valley of The Ragdoll will have pure breed qualities and features like appearance and disposition.

Valley of The Ragdolls Details

4. Siberian Beauty Cattery

Siberian Beauty Cattery Cat Breeders California

Another breeder specializing in a particular breed of cat is Siberian Beauty Cattery. This hobby breeder strives to breed quality Siberian cats with loving personalities. Siberian Beauty Cattery values temperament, health, and beauty.

With such a goal in mind, they raise their litters in an environment that’s full of love where they receive lots of human interaction, love, and attention. Equally important with this cat breeder in California is that they focus their attention on breeding a consistent type of Siberian Silver, Traditional and Golden colors.

As a breeder, Siberian Beauty Cattery is registered with TICA and CFA. To ensure that their litters and cats are free of any severe health problems, Siberian Beauty Cattery acquires its breeding felines from a linage with low genetic health risks.

Siberian Beauty Cattery Details

5. Luxury Kittens Scottish Folds

Luxury Kittens Scottish Folds Breeders in California

Luxury Kittens Scottish Folds has produced kittens for more than ten years now. Like many small-sized cat breeders, Luxury Kittens Scottish Folds specializes in one cat breed, Scottish Folds.

In particular, they specialize in purebred Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight. Their litters come in a variety of colors and patterns. When looking for a Scottish Fold from this breeder, you’ll likely find ones in solid classic and rare and unique colored fur coats.

They have a simple goal, produce beautiful, healthy Scottish Folds with a sweet temperament. But, equally crucial to this breeder is producing litters that meet the breed standards precisely.

In line with this, they breed their kittens in their home as part of the family. They surround kittens with lots of attention, love, and human contact. These three help develop the overall temperament of their litters. Health-wise, this cattery is free of FIP and Fe1V.

Luxury Kittens Scottish Folds Details

6. Baby Bengals Cattery

Baby Bengals Cattery Breeders in California

This TICA registered cat breeder boasts its hands-on approach in breeding Bengals. Baby Bengals Cattery believes in breeding for quality and not quantity. As such, they few litters all year long.

Their kittens boast great features and characteristics that are ideal for any Bengal. These include big natural rosettes, the correct head type for a Bengal, and puffy whisker pads.

Because this breeder considers its litters as family, they raise them in their home with permission to move around as they want. Furthermore, they are spoiled with lots of affection and love daily.

Health-wise, their Bengals receive regular vet visits to ensure all is well with their litters at all times. Worth noting, before leaving the cattery, each kitten will receive a veterinary exam and will be certified free of disease and parasites

Baby Bengals Cattery Details

7. Precious Bengals

Precious Bengals Breeders in California

Finishing off this list of cat breeders in California is Precious Bengals. This breeder sells high-quality Bengal litters from the inland empire. Precious Bengals specialize in a specific cat breed, Bengals.

They specialize in brown, gold, and silver rosette Bengals, to be more exact. Also, depending on the year, they might have marbles and snow Bengals. Certification-wise, Precious Bengals are registered with TICA.

Like other reputable breeders in this cat breeders in California post, Precious Bengals do not use cages when breeding their litters. Instead, their kittens are home-bred and treated like family.

They receive lots of love and attention from all family members like the kids. Precious Bengals take a great deal of pride in their cattery. This allows them to produce clean and healthy kittens.

Precious Bengals Details

Conclusion For The “Best Cat Breeders in California”

Conclusion For The Best Cat Breeders in California

We hope this list of cat breeders in California will make your search for a companion easier. If you like to find specific cat breeder recommendations in California, you can find the available listings below. We hope this list will help you find a cat for sale in California to start a new chapter of your life.

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