4 Best Car Wash Businesses in Kenya! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best car wash businesses in Kenya, you’ve come to the right place. If you love your car, you wouldn’t want to take it to just about any car wash. You’ll want to take it to a car wash center, where it’ll receive the best care.

If you are in Kenya, in particular Nairobi, and you are having challenges finding that ideal car wash center that’ll give your car a perfect scrub, then look no further. In this post, we’ve put together a list of Kenya’s best car wash centers.

Hopefully, one is close to your neighborhood, sparing you the hustle of driving long distances to have your car washed by a team of professionals or car washing technicians.

N/B: Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, timings might defer, so we highly recommend contacting any of these car wash centers before making your way over there.

1. Extreme Clean – Garden City Mall

Extreme Clean - Garden City Mall

First on the list of car wash businesses in Kenya is “Extreme Clean – Garden City Mall.” Whether you work or live around Garden City Mall, the Extreme Clean in Garden City Mall makes it ever so simple to have a clean car. One of the many positives about Extreme Clean-Garden City Mall is its impressive car washing techniques.

It is these techniques that help them bring out the shine with just about any car. In addition, the team of car wash technicians at this Extreme Clean car wash provides on-site car detailing for that extra shine.

If you are busy and don’t want to wait, if there is a cue of cars waiting in line, we suggest setting up an appointment. You can do this by dialing the number shared below or sending them an email.

Extreme Clean-Garden City Mall Business Details

2. Shine In Sparkles Car Wash And Auto Car Centre

Shine In Sparkles Car Wash And Auto Car Centre

A favorite, Shine In Sparkles Car Wash And Auto Car Centre provides excellent car wash services to anyone that visits their car wash location. They make sure that they only use the best car washing products, which allows them to wash any car regardless of its make.

Even better, it will enable them to wash cars while causing no damage. The products they use end up boosting your car’s health in the long run.

Did we mention they are Meguiars certified? Now you know, and in fact, they are the only Meguiars certified car wash center in East Africa. Call them today and see what they can do for you and your car.

Shine In Sparkles Car Wash And Auto Car Centre Business Details

3. Extreme Clean Carwash–Lavington

Extreme Clean Carwash–Lavington

If you live in Lavington or work close by, there is one car was center you want to visit, and that is Extreme Clean Carwash–Lavington. Not only do they guarantee you a clean car, but they also guarantee a quick car wash. You’ll be in and out without even knowing it.

They have various packages to choose from if you settle on them as your ideal car wash center. These packages are silver, gold, and platinum. We suggest visiting their official site to learn more about these services and the areas they cover.

Extreme Clean Carwash–Lavington Business Details

4. Hippos Auto Spa

Hippos Auto Spa

Last on the list of car wash businesses in Kenya is “Hippos Auto Spa.” When you think of Hippos Auto Spa, think of steam cleaning. Besides giving your car a good scrub, this car wash center uses steam for detailing.

This allows them to deliver exceptional results when washing your vehicle. Other services include polishing (buffing), engine bay, and interior detailing.

Hippos Auto Spa Business Details

Car Wash Businesses in Kenya

Car Wash Businesses in Kenya

Finding the best car wash businesses in Kenya can sometimes be tricky and challenging. However, we hope this list will help you find a fantastic car wash place so that you can come home with a shiny new-looking vehicle.

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