4 Best Car Dealerships in Singapore! (2022)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for the best car dealerships in Singapore. Owning a car in Singapore can be expensive. This is why car owners are searching for car dealerships in Malaysia with reasonable prices. The inventory should be good and services as well. If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Meyer Motors Pte Ltd

Meyer Motors Pte Ltd Singapore

Starting back in 2016, Meyer Motors Pte Ltd is a new-age car dealership in Singapore specializing in Mercedes-Benz and other luxury cars. With customer satisfaction their main priority, Meyer Motors Pte Ltd has measures to ensure customers feel right at home.

One such measure is familiarising employees with their inventory. Note Meyer Motors Pte Ltd offers a variety of car makes across Japan, and Continental makes imported from the manufacturing city.

Meyer Motors Pte Ltd Details

2. Cars N U (CNU AUTO)

Cars N U (CNU AUTO) Singapore

Cars N U (CNU AUTO) prides itself on being Singapore’s most trusted car dealership. They offer an extensive database of cars both new and used cars for sale. Cars N U (CNU AUTO) believes in putting customers in control of car buying and the overall car selling experience.

As such, they facilitate both car buyers and car sellers. This helps reduce the hustle associated with these two for car buyers. Even better, the process of buying a car from Cars N U (CNU AUTO) is not just pocket friendly but also hassle-free, and quick.

Cars N U (CNU AUTO) Details

3. Roadlink Auto Pte Ltd

Roadlink Auto Pte Ltd Singapore

Thanks to its size and reputation, Roadlink Auto Pte Ltd has been able to cement its mark as one of the best car dealerships in Singapore. They are keen on raising the standards of the overall Singapore car trade industry.

To make this a reality, they strictly adhere to codes set for buying and selling cars. Roadlink Auto Pte Ltd engages in buying and selling pre-owned cars.

Roadlink Auto Pte Ltd Details

  • Name: Roadlink Auto Pte Ltd
  • Location: Popcornz Studio – Your Newborn Photography Studio
  • Address: 47 Kallang Pudding Road, #01-09 The Crescent @ Kallang, Singapore 349318
  • Website: Roadlink Auto Pte Ltd
  • Facebook: Roadlink Auto Pte Ltd
  • Phone Number: +65 6636 0538
  • Email: N/A

4. Parsons Automobile

Parsons Automobile Singapore

Last on the list of the best car dealerships in Singapore is “Parsons Automobile.” Parsons Automobile is not just limited to offering new and pre-owned cars, they offer the very best when it comes to car repair services.

The positives with Parsons Automobile don’t stop there. Parsons Automobile is experienced in all things buying and selling cars and the entire process. Even better they offer their clients much-needed professional advice and financial arrangement/assistance.

Parsons Automobile Details

Conclusion For The “Best Car Dealerships in Singapore”

Conclusion For The Best Car Dealerships in Singapore

We hope that this list of car dealerships in Singapore will help you find the perfect vehicle for your journey. Whether you plan to purchase your car from this list of Singapore dealerships or through another source, you should always do your research for additional information.

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