5 Best Car Dealerships in Kenya! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best car dealerships in Kenya, check out these recommendations. Buying a car is a special occasion for just about anyone. This is more so the case for first-time car buyers.

While there are many steps to take when getting a new or second-hand car, it is crucial to deal with the right dealership when purchasing your vehicle. If you are in Kenya and searching for an ideal car dealership, you are in luck.

Before scrolling down this list of car dealerships in Kenya, check out these guides:

1. Maridady Motors Ltd

Maridady Motors Ltd Car Dealership in Kenya

High up on the list of go-to car dealerships in Kenya is Maridady Motors Ltd. As a car dealership, Maridady Motors Ltd offers several services relating to purchasing a car. Some of the services they offer include car importation and financing.

They even have Sacco that would-be customers are free to join. If you don’t know how to drive and are looking for a car, Maridady Motors Ltd offers driving lessons. Simply put, they are a one-stop shop when it comes to all things car ownership.

Maridady Motors Ltd Details

2. Gigi Motors Ltd

Gigi Motors Ltd Car Dealerships in Kenya

Gigi Motors prides itself on being a pioneer among dealerships in Kenya. They strive to provide would-be car owners with premium second-hand or used cars. Yes, Gigi Motors LTD only deals with second-hand or used cars.

Key to note with Gigi Motors, their staff offer exceptional service to their client, and they have access to over 25,000 vehicles daily. Simply put, you are bound to find what you are looking for at Gigi Motors LTD. Not to forget, they do offer competitive prices on all their cars.

Gigi Motors Ltd Details

3. Ace Prestige Autos

Ace Prestige Autos Car Dealerships in Kenya

With a mission of treating their clients and employees like guests in their homes, Ace Prestige Autos has three principles honesty, loyalty, and integrity. These three allow them to offer the best service to their clients looking for a car.

Worth noting, they do sell both new and used vehicles. Their vehicles for sale include station wagons, sedans, vans, trucks, and pick-ups. These include used Toyotas, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and much more.

Ace Prestige Autos Details

4. Car Locus Limited

Car Locus Limited Car Dealership Kenya

Car services, car imports, car accessories, car insurance, and car finances are some of the services that Car Locus Limited offer client or customers that walk into their offices. While all these ideals, of importance, are cars, mainly a wide range of vehicles.

That said, Car Locus Limited has in stock a wide range of vehicles on sale. They do have a range of pick-ups, sedans, vans, trucks, and so on. Even better, they have the option of purchasing either new or used cars.

Car Locus Limited Details

5. ESR Executive

ESR Executive Car Dealerships in Kenya

Last on the list of car dealerships in Kenya is “ESR Executive.” ESR Executive is a premium car dealership that offers exceptional services.  Their services include car sales, asset financing, and trade-ins.

It is one of the few car dealerships in Kenya with a following online and offline. As with the other top car dealerships in Kenya in this list, ESR Executive prides itself in having a wide range of cars on offer. Furthermore, they have just about all the popular car makes in Kenya up for sale.

ESR Executive Details

Conclusion For The “Best Kenya Car Dealerships in Kenya”

Conclusion For The Best Kenya Car Dealerships in Kenya

Our team understands the difficulties of finding the right car dealerships in Kenya. Thanks to our researcher, Arnold, we compiled this list for you. We hope this list of car dealerships in Kenya will help your searching experience.

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