4 Best Car Dealerships in Italy! (2022)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for car dealerships in Italy. Many people in Italy are looking for affordable cars. To be more precise, many would-be car buyers are searching for the best car dealerships in Italy to do business with. If you are among those actively searching for a reliable car dealership in Italy, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Gaia Auto Italy srl

Gaia Auto Italy srl

Established back in 2007, Gaia Auto Italy srl offers a wide range of car services to people in Italy. They primarily deal with two things, buying and selling cars. They have a range of cars available to anyone who wants to purchase a car.

Their stock includes the likes of BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, and Land Rover, to mention a few. They also help car owners sell their cars. They guarantee professionalism with all their businesses while offering transparency.

Gaia Auto Italy srl Details

2. Patriot Military Automobiles – Aviano

Patriot Military Automobiles – Aviano Italy

Patriot Military Automobiles has one mission, provide all United States personnel stationed overseas with tax-free cars. Simply put, United States personnel stationed overseas can purchase tax-free cars from Patriot Military Automobiles.

Patriot Military Automobiles currently operates in 9 different countries including the United States, Germany, and Italy. Worth noting, they do have a wide range of cars in their stock perfect for any drive.

Patriot Military Automobiles – Aviano Details

3. Capitol Motors AG

Capitol Motors AG Italy

Capitol Motors AG prides itself as one of the few car dealerships in Italy that serve the Aviano Military. Worth noting, however, Capitol Motors AG mainly specializes in Volvos.

If you are in the market and searching for a Volvo, they are the car dealership for you. They have an online easy-to-use inventory that allows their customers to see the various Volvo models in stock.

Capitol Motors AG Details

4. Sa.Mo.Car. Spa – Napoli

Sa.Mo.Car. Spa – Napoli

Last on the list of car dealerships in Italy is “Sa.Mo.Car. Spa.” If you are looking for a car dealership in Italy that deals with luxury cars, look no further than Sa.Mo.Car. Spa. “Sa.Mo.Car. Spa” is the official dealership for Ferrari and Maserati in four regions.

The four regions are Lazio, Tuscany, Campania, and Sardinia. One of the many positives about Sa.Mo.Car. Spa is their user-friendly site. In addition, it has lots of valuable information about their cars like pricing and year of manufacture.

Sa.Mo.Car. Spa – Napoli Details

Conclusion For The “Best Car Dealerships in Italy”

Conclusion For The Best Car Dealerships in Italy

We hope this list of car dealerships in Italy will help you find the right vehicle. Feel free to contact these dealerships in Italy with the information we provided.

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