4 Best Car Dealerships in France! (2022)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for car dealerships in France. If you are in France and looking to purchase a new car, chances are you are actively searching for an ideal dealership.

While it might sound simple, finding that ideal dealership given how many car dealerships are in France can be challenging. It is with this that we’ve decided to share with you this post on the best car dealerships in France.

1. Prestige Auto France

Prestige Auto France

High up on the list of best car dealerships in France is Prestige Auto France. Prestige Auto France boasts many positives. For starters, they have the option of purchasing either new or used cars. In addition, they have a wide range of cars to choose from, from high-end cars like Porsche to Mini Cooper.

Even better, they have an easy-to-use online interface with a search engine designed to help car lovers locate the car they want fast. Some of the brands available at Prestige Auto France include BMWs, Lotus, MINI, Audi, and Lamborghini.

Prestige Auto France Details

2. Gary Automobiles

Gary Automobiles France

Gary Automobiles specializes in the supply of pre-owned and new cars. Other than their wide range of cars that include popular car brands worldwide, there are many positives associated with dealing with or purchasing a car from Gary Automobiles.

For instance, they do all the paper working associated with buying a car for you. They are in a position to register the vehicle you’ve purchased in your name and have it registered. Note Gary Automobiles is a fully registered French company and only supplies vehicles with European specifications.

Gary Automobiles Details

3. SAVRA – Citroën

SAVRA – Citroën France

If you are searching for a Citroën and want to deal with a car dealership that specializes in all things Citroën, SAVRA – Citroën is for you. In addition to having a wide range of Citroën cars available to would-be car buyers, they have lots of knowledge on all things Citroën cars.

This makes them valuable assets to have in your corner when you are making a purchase or after you have purchased a Citroën from them.

SAVRA – Citroën Details

  • Name: SAVRA – Citroën
  • Location: Le Blanc, France
  • Address: 22 Av. Pierre Mendès-France, 36300 Le Blanc, France
  • Website: SAVRA – Citroën
  • Facebook: N/A
  • Phone Number: +33 2 54 37 03 75
  • Email: N/A


FRANCE VO 26 Car Dealerships

Last on the list of car dealerships in France is “FRANCE VO 26.” Few car dealerships in France boast cars of French Origin, and FRANCE VO 26 is one of them. They have a wide range of vehicles of French Origin on offer.

This, combined with the quality of car service has made them a common name and stop for many car buyers. Before being sold, all cars receive 90 checkpoints, are prepared and cleaned, and road tested.

FRANCE VO 26Details

  • Name: FRANCE VO 26
  • Location: Romans-sur-Isère, France
  • Address: 9 Rue René Réaumur, 26100 Romans-sur-Isère, France
  • Website: FRANCE VO 26
  • Facebook: FRANCE VO 26
  • Phone Number: +33 4 75 72 20 66
  • Email: N/A

Conclusion For The “Best Car Dealerships in France”

Conclusion For The Best Car Dealerships in France

We hope this list of car dealerships in France will help make your search easier. Whether you plan to purchase from our France car dealership list or through another source, you should still do your research.

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