4 Best Car Dealerships in California! (2022)

If you’re searching for car dealerships in California, then this guide will help you on your journey. When searching for a car dealership in California, you want to get one from a reputable car dealer.

With so many car dealerships, finding an ideal one can be tricky.  To help car buyers in California get it right, this post highlights some of the best car dealerships in California.

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1. Selma Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Selma Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Car Dealerships California

A proud member of Selma Auto Mall, Selma Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram has served car buyers in California for over 20 years now. Selma Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram prides itself on its exceptional service and customer experience.

While they started with Nisan, Suzuki, Kia, and Honda, Selma Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram now specializes in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram.

Selma Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Details

2. Riverside Auto Center

Riverside Auto Center Car Dealership California

Home to many car brands, Riverside Auto Center is one of the biggest car dealerships in California. They boast one of Riverside County’s largest collections of car dealers with more than 32 new car dealership brands.

Car buyers have the option of selecting over 7,000 new and pre-owned cars. Given how many cars they have on offer, check out their contact page for every brand. It is best to visit the official page to learn more about their car brands.

Riverside Auto Center Details

3. Toyota of Selma

Toyota of Selma Car Dealership California

Toyota of Selma has one goal make the process and the experience of buying a car the best possible. They do this by offering a wide variety of new and pre-owned cars, service specials, Toyota parts savings, and Toyota incentives.

Toyota of Selma prides itself in having some of the sweetest rides in California. As their name suggests, Toyota of Selma specializes in Toyota. You are bound to find the Toyota you are looking for.

Toyota of Selma Details

4. Madera Auto Center

Madera Auto Center Car Dealership California

Last on the list of the best car dealerships in California is “Madera Auto Center.” Having come a long way since its inception, Madera Auto Center has risen to become one of California’s go-to car dealerships for all things Toyota and Chevrolet.

Customer satisfaction is the main goal with Madera Auto Center and they pleasure in helping would-be car buyers find that perfect car. They currently specialize in new Toyota cars, Chevys, pre-owned and certified pre-owned sales. They also offer after-sales services and offer car parts as well. They are also an option of renting out their cars.

Madera Auto Center Details

Conclusion For The “Best Car Dealerships in California”

Conclusion For The Best Car Dealerships in California

We hope this list of car dealerships in California will help you in your search. Whether you’re planning to purchase your vehicle from our list of California dealerships or through another source like Yelp, we highly recommend doing your research.

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