4 Best Buffets in Singapore! (2022)

If you’re looking to feast, check out this list of the best buffets in Singapore. We compiled this list of buffets so that you can find your new favorite go-to spot in Singapore to dine.

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1. Estate (Hilton Singapore)

Estate (Hilton Singapore) (Singapore)

The Estate at Hilton Singapore starts this post about the best buffets in Singapore. It is an exquisitely designed modern restaurant serving a buffet like no other. Notably, the buffet at Estate changes throughout lunch, dinner, and brunch.

You’ll have to visit Estate to know what they have on their buffet for the day. That said, Estate has a few commons on their buffet.

They are their Estate Black Truffle Roasted Duck, classic Beef Wellington with Black Truffle Sauce (a Sunday treat), decadent Maine Lobster Thermidor, and three types of unlimited freshly shucked oysters.

Estate (Hilton Singapore) Details

2. Edge (Pan Pacific Singapore)

Edge (Pan Pacific Singapore) (Singapore)

Edge is a must-feature in any list of buffets in Singapore. Located at Pan Pacific Singapore, Edge is one of the few restaurants in Singapore with seven kitchens. The seven kitchens allow Edge to have a buffet with an area of Asian and Pacific Rim cuisine. Notably, Edge serves up Thai and Korean dishes on its menu.

There are specific days for this, however. They also offer Boston lobsters and Alaska King Crab. Boston Lobsters only on Monday, Tuesdays, and Alaska King Crab from Wednesdays to Sundays.

Edge (Pan Pacific Singapore) Details

3. Atrium Restaurant

Atrium Restaurant (Singapore)

If searching for a halal-certified buffet in Singapore, ensure you visit Atrium Restaurant. Atrium Restaurant is at Holiday Inn, with a wide range of local and international favorites on their buffet.

One of the many positives of the buffet at Atrium Restaurant is the inclusion of an ice cream corner where diners can enjoy scoops of creamy ice creams. They also serve an array of Korean dishes that range from injeolmi rice cake to spicy seafood stews.

Atrium Restaurant Details

4. Beach Road Kitchen

Beach Road Kitchen (Singapore)

Last on this post about buffets in Singapore is Beach Road Kitchen. Beach Road Kitchen boasts a chock full odeliciousus local and international bites. If you plan to visit Beach Road Kitchen, ensure you go hungry.

It is perfectly located within the swanky JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach. The buffet menu at Beach Road Kitchen includes fresh seafood, noodles, Asian soups, charcoal-grilled meats, and barbecue dishes. It also serves up local meals like chili crab and butter chicken.

Beach Road Kitchen Details

Conclusion For The “Best Buffets in Singapore”

Conclusion For The "Best Buffets in Singapore"

We hope this list of buffets in Singapore will help you find a new buffet spot to try. If you have any questions about these buffets in Singapore, you can contact us using the contact details we provided.

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