British Shorthair vs. Ragdoll: Breed Comparison! (2022)

This guide will cover the differences between a British Shorthair vs. Ragdoll cat. Don’t move forward just yet – we have several questions for you before we compare the differences.

Want to get a cat for your home? Better yet, not sure about which cat breed will be perfect for your home? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place.

In this post, you’ll find a comparison between two cat breeds that are an ideal option for any home as a pet. The two cat breeds in question are the British Shorthair and the Ragdoll. These two are perfect house pets because of their temperament and features.

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Difference Between British Shorthair vs. Ragdoll Cat

Difference Between British Shorthair vs. Ragdoll Cat - British Shorthair
British Shorthair
Difference Between British Shorthair vs. Ragdoll Cat - Ragdoll Cat
Ragdoll Cat

To better highlight the differences between British Shorthairs and Ragdolls, this post highlights five key things:

  • Appearance
  • Eyes
  • Temperament
  • Size
  • Health


Appearance British Shorthair

Appearance-wise, British Shorthairs have round heads, thus the nickname “teddy bears.” In addition, they do have short legs and a stocky body type.

The tail of British Shorthairs is also worth pointing out as it’s unique. It is medium-sized in length and wider at the bottom. Ragdolls are big and muscular. Compared to British Shorthairs, they are shorter. Their tails are fluffy and long.


Eyes of a British Shorthair

Eyes are also critical when comparing these two. Ragdolls, provided that it’s purebred, have pure blue eyes. Shape-wise, their eyes are oval and moderately wide set.

British Shorthairs have wide eyes that are round in shape. Unlike Ragdolls, British Shorthairs have different eye colors. Typically, British Shorthairs have a gold/copper eye color. However, Silver Coats spot blue-green eyes.


British Shorthair and Ragdoll Cat Temperament

Temperament-wise, Ragdolls are slightly better than British Shorthairs. They are very gentle and loving. Think of them as lap cats that crave lots and lots of human attention.

They are commonly referred to as “floppy cats” because they are known to get so relaxed around their owners till they are limp when being picked up. British Shorthairs are not as loving towards their owners.

This doesn’t in any way mean they do not love their owners, but they are not at the level of Ragdolls. Furthermore, they don’t like following their owners or humans around, and they don’t appreciate being picked or carried around.


Size of a British Shorthair and Ragdoll Cat

Size is another area where these two differ. British Shorthairs reach an average height of 12-14 inches. Compared to a Ragdoll, this is slightly taller. Ragdolls have an average height of 9-11 inches.

With both breeds, fully grown males are taller and heavier than females. For British Shorthairs, females weigh 7-12 lbs on average, and males weigh 9-17 lbs. Female Ragdolls weigh between 10-15 lbs and males between 15-20 lbs.


Health of a British Shorthair and Ragdoll Cat

One of the many similarities between these two breeds is health. They both carry a gene condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This causes progressive thickening of the heart muscle, resulting in heart failure.

Other than this health issue, British Shorthairs are very healthy. In other words, they suffer few medical problems. The only health condition affecting British Shorthairs a lot is Haemophilia B.

It causes blood clotting. Cats with this condition can be in a life-threatening situation even if they have a minor injury that results in them losing blood. Health-wise, British Shorthairs are slightly better compared to Ragdolls. Ragdolls have many health conditions.

Health conditions like recurrent urinary tract infections, digestive discomforts like diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, and vomiting are common with Ragdolls.

Conclusion For “British Shorthair vs. Ragdoll – Breed Comparison”

Conclusion For British Shorthair vs. Ragdoll - Breed Comparison

Both these cats are an ideal addition to any home. If you prefer a low-maintenance cat, then a British Shorthair is a perfect choice for you. Furthermore, they are perfect for first-time cat owners.

They are also better than a Ragdoll if you are after a cat with a long lifespan. If you have time and are ready to shower your pet with lots of attention, then a Ragdoll is ideal for you.

They are also perfect family pets. They will integrate well with other pets like dogs and other family members. They are, however, prone to numerous health conditions. With these health conditions in play, Ragdolls have a shorter lifespan.

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