4 Best British Shorthair Breeders in Massachusetts! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best British Shorthair breeders in Massachusetts, then you’ve come to the right place. British Shorthair cats are great animals to have as pets.

If bred the right way, these cats are very loving, affectionate, and great companions to have or add to any family. You’ll need, however, that you get a British Shorthair from a reputable breeder.

Failure to do this can result in you not enjoying the benefits of having a British Shorthair as a pet. With this in mind, we’ve put together a post highlighting the best British Shorthair breeders in Massachusetts.

If you live in Massachusetts and want a British Shorthair breeder, these are the best British Shorthair breeders in Massachusetts to consider.

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1. Scottish Kingdom Cattery

Scottish Kingdom Cattery

First on the list of British Shorthair breeders in Massachusetts is “Scottish Kingdom Cattery.” One of the many benefits of this British Shorthair breeder is that it is under the watchful eye of Olga Vlasevich. Who is Olga Vlasevich?

Well, a lover of all things cats. The reason why Olga decided to start breeding not just British Shorthairs but also Scottish Folds is love. Her first cat brought so much love to her and her family. With Olga Vlasevich, you are guaranteed cats that have a good temperament.

In addition, they are well-socialized at a very early age and shown lots of love and affection. Olga also ensures that her cats are healthy. She does this by deworming them, vaccinating them, and testing them for any medical conditions.

Another big plus with this cattery is the process of getting a cat. The process is simple, and better yet, the cats themselves can adapt to new homes or surroundings. Olga Vlasevich even allows adoption. Get in touch with her and see how she can help you get or adopt a British Shorthair cat from her.

Scottish Kingdom Cattery Business Details

2. Dragonflybsh Cattery

Dragonflybsh Cattery

Dragonflybsh Cattery is another ideal cattery for anyone looking for a British Shorthair as a pet. As a breeder, Dragonflybsh Cattery prides itself on breeding the very best in British Shorthair cats. Dragonflybsh Cattery takes health seriously.

They see to it that their cats are vaccinated, dewormed, and tested. Temperament is also important to them. For this, they socialize their cats from a very young age showing them lots of love and affection.

The socialization, love, and care they receive help them to adapt to new homes. Dragonflybsh Cattery is a small breeder. In other words, they don’t have too many litters.

If you settle on Dragonflybsh Cattery as your ideal British Shorthair breeder in Massachusetts, do get in touch with them early to book your little one.

Dragonflybsh Cattery Business Details

3. Willow-Wick Cattery

Willow Wick Cattery

Willow-Wick Cattery is a small breeder. They focus on a few litters annually enabling. The small number of litters they care for allows them to offer quality care and love to cats in their home or possession.

Equally important to note with this particular breeder is that they only allow their kittens to leave their care if they are three months old. In situations that they leave slightly early, it’s usually following a vet recommendation and certification.

Regardless, they place all their kittens with spray and neutering agreements unless sprayed and neutered while young. Another notable with this cattery is that it’s a member of TICA (The International Cat Association). The process of getting a cat from them is also easy.

Willow-Wick Cattery Business Details

4. Chatkra Cattery

Chatkra Cattery

Last on the list of British Shorthair breeders in Massachusetts is “Chatkra Cattery.” Chatkra Cattery is one of those catteries that pride themselves in raising litters in loving homes.

They ensure that they care for their kittens in a loving environment where they receive lots of love, care, and attention. Equally important to note about Chatkra Cattery is that its bloodlines are cats from European champion bloodlines.

Their approach to breeding helps them breed kittens and cats that are beautiful, high quality, and most importantly, a perfect representation of the British Shorthair heritage.

In addition to offering adorable litters, Chatkra Cattery has grooming services. They offer a fun yet professional grooming service that’ll have your little one looking ever so beautiful. It ensures your pets are safe, happy, and secure.

Chatkra Cattery Business Details

British Shorthair Breeders in Massachusetts

British Shorthair Breeders in Massachusetts

Finding the best British Shorthair breeders in Massachusetts can sometimes be challenging. However, we hope this list of Massachusetts breeders will save you time on your research. If you have any questions or concerns about this list, please contact our team.

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