4 Best British Shorthair Breeders in London! (2022)

If you’re searching for British Shorthair breeders in London, then you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to cats, nothing compares to a British Shorthair. Thanks to its numerous positives, one would argue that a British Shorthair is the best cat to have as a pet.

For starters, it is caring, loving, and very affectionate. To enjoy these benefits, however, you’ll need to get one from a reputable breeder. If you live in London and are searching for a British Shorthair, you are in luck.

Before scrolling down this list of British Shorthair breeders in London, check out these guides:

1. Muffing & Poppy

Muffing & Poppy London

This British Shorthair breeder guarantees healthy kittens that are fully registered. In addition, their British Shorthairs are vet checked, de-flead, groomed, dewormed, and microchipped.

Even better, the British Shorthairs Muffing & Poppy offers to cat lovers in British are all litter trained. Temperament-wise, their kittens are used to people and daily noises and are bred in a nursery with toys designed to stimulate their growth in all the right ways.

Equally important to note is that their British Shorthair kittens have TICA and CHMP status. Simply put, their breeds are championship breeds.

When you get a British Shorthair from Muffing & Poppy, you get a 4 generation pedigree certificate, a complete diet, 4-weeks free insurance, and diet preferences.

Muffing & Poppy Details

2. Beauxchats

Beauxchats London

Beauxchats is another ideal British Shorthair breeder in London. As a British Shorthair cat breeder, Beauxchats prides itself in breeding high-quality kittens. Simply put, they guarantee their clients litters that have good temperaments and are healthy.

Health-wise, their kittens receive regular vet visits, are dewormed, de-flead, and microchipped. In addition, all their kittens are born and bred in a home lavished with both affection and love.

They are ready for their new homes at the age of 13week. Equally important to note about Beauxchats is that it is a GCCF registered breeder of blue and black British Shorthairs.

Beauxchats Details

3. Nadia Cat

Nadia Cat London

Nadia Cat is another GCCF registered British Shorthair breeder in London. As a breeder, Nadia Cat breeds for health and temperament. As with the other British Shorthair cat breeders in this post, Nadia Cat ensures that their kittens are dewormed, microchipped, and de-flead.

To guarantee that their cats have a good temperament, they show them love, care, and affection from a very young age. Their cats are also free to run around their home as they please. They don’t,  however, run around outside. In other words, with cats from Nadia Cat, you are guaranteed an adorable new family member.

Nadia Cat Details

4. Tapestry Cats

Tapestry Cats London

Last on the list of British Shorthair breeders in London is “Tapestry Cats.” Compared to the other British Shorthair breeders in this post, Tapestry Cats stands out as the one with the most experience.

This experience helps them in breeding high-quality British Shorthairs. Whether it’s health or temperament, you can bet that Tapestry Cats does it well. Simply put, their kittens are all healthy with good temperaments.

As a breeder, Tapestry Cats breeds to improve the British Shorthair breed. They do this by regularly importing new lines from Europe. Worth noting about this breeder, the adult cats in their care have their enclosed private garden. Here they are free to run around and exercise as they please.

Tapestry Cats Details

Conclusion For The “Best British Shorthair Breeders in London”

Conclusion For The Best British Shorthair Breeders in London

We hope this list of British Shorthair breeders in London will help you find a companion. If you have any questions about these London breeders, please contact them with the following information.

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