4 Best British Shorthair Breeders in Colorado! (2022)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for the best British Shorthair breeders in Colorado. British Shorthairs are amazing cats to have as pets.

Their traits make them great companions to big and even small families. However, to enjoy having a British Shorthair, you must get one from a reputable breeder. If you are in Colorado and looking for a British Shorthair, you will love this post.

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1. Rejinald Cattery

Rejinald Cattery British Shorthair Colorado

For over 33 years now, Rejinald Cattery has offered British Shorthairs lovers in Colorado high-quality British Shorthair litter. Rejinald Cattery is a small home-based cattery that breeds quality and not quantity. Rejinald Cattery breeds several colors. However, the Lilac British Shorthair is their specialty.

Rejinald Cattery Details

2. Anahata Cattery

Anahata Cattery British Shorthair Colorado

Anahata Cattery is a small house-based TICA registered cattery that specializes in silver classic tabby, black, or chocolate British Shorthairs.

Note their kittens and cats come from top international bloodlines. They guarantee quality and healthy British Shorthair litters with a good temperament. In addition, their cats and kittens are all vaccinated and registered.

Anahata Cattery Details

  • Name: Anahata Cattery
  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Website: Anahata Cattery
  • Facebook: N/A
  • Breed: British Shorthairs
  • Phone Number: N/A
  • Email: Contact Form

3. Imagine Cattery

Imagine Cattery British Shorthair Colorado

Imagine Cattery is a TICA registered cattery specializing in British Shorthair and Longhair cats. They raise all their cats in their loving homes, and they don’t use cages.

The cats at Imagine Cattery are TICA award-winning. In addition, they all come from pedigree lines. Simply put, you are guaranteed quality British Shorthair litters with Imagine Cattery.

Imagine Cattery Details

4. Furever Felines Cattery

Furever Felines Cattery British Shorthair Colorado

Last on the list of British Shorthair breeders in Colorado is “Furever Felines Cattery.” Healthy, beautiful, and playful feline companions, this is what Furever Felines Cattery promises British Shorthair lovers.

Furever Felines Cattery carefully collects their cats for health. All their cats are FeLV, FIV, and PKD negative. Furever Felines Cattery strives for award-winning pedigrees with all their cats and kittens.

Furever Felines Cattery Details

Conclusion For The “Best British Shorthair Breeders in Colorado”

Conclusion For The Best British Shorthair Breeders in Colorado

We hope this list of British Shorthair breeders in Colorado will help you find a companion. If you happen to be a British Shorthair breeder in Colorado, please reach out to our team for business inquiries. Please let our team know if you’re listed on this page and have any missing information.

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