3 Best British Shorthair Breeders in Arkansas! (2022)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for the best British Shorthair breeders in Arkansas. The British Shorthair is an ancient breed originating from Egyptian cats.

Over the years, this cat breed has received lots of attention from cat lovers in different states countrywide. One such state is receiving lots of attention at a place like Arkansas.

Cat lovers in Arkansas want to adopt British Shorthairs as house pets. If you are one of these cat lovers, then you have come to the right place. Below is a look at the best British Shorthair breeders in Arkansas.

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1. Fortis Fortuna Cattery

Fortis Fortuna Cattery Arkansas

A faithful, lifelong companion, this is what Fortis Fortuna Cattery offers British Shorthair lovers in Arkansas. Fortis Fortuna Cattery is a family-run and TICA registered cattery with a simple mission, send good fortune from their home to yours.

They do this through their British Shorthair kittens and cats. The cats and kittens at Fortis Fortuna Cattery play with dogs and children daily.

Interaction or socialization of this sort helps develop the overall temperament of their kittens. In addition, this cattery has added fun items for their cats, for example, trees, scratching posts, and litter boxes.

Fortis Fortuna Cattery Details

2. Ozarks British Shorthairs Cattery

Ozarks British Shorthairs Cattery Arkansas

Ozarks British Shorthairs Cattery boasts quality British Shorthairs and Savannah’s raised in the beautiful Ozark. Ozarks British Shorthairs Cattery is under the watchful eyes of Beverly K. Chevallier.

Beverly K. Chevallier is a DVM practicing mixed animal veterinarian. So why should this concern you? Well, it just goes to show that the brains behind Ozarks British Shorthairs Cattery know what they are doing.

Such an experienced person behind Ozarks British Shorthairs Cattery has helped them produce healthy British Shorthairs and Savannah kittens that are well-socialized with loving temperaments.

Ozarks British Shorthairs Cattery Details

3. Katareece Cattery

Katareece Cattery Arkansas

Last on the list of British Shorthair breeders in Arkansas is “Katareece Cattery.” Katareece Cattery started back in 2001, and since then, they have been offering British Shorthair cat lovers in Arkansas quality kittens.

Back when they started, Katareece Cattery was only caring for Scottish Folds. First forward today, they now focus all their attention on British Shorthairs.

The health of their kittens and cats is important to Katareece Cattery. As such, they work closely with a veterinarian to ensure all their cats and kittens are healthy and Katareece Cattery.

Katareece Cattery Details

Conclusion For The “Best British Shorthair Breeders in Arkansas”

Conclusion For The Best British Shorthair Breeders in Arkansas

We hope this list of British Shorthair breeders in Arkansas will help you on your search for a companion. Whether you consider purchasing a British Shorthair from an Arkansas breeder on this list or another source, remember always to do your research.

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