4 Best Bengal Cat Breeders in California! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best Bengal Cat breeders in California, this guide will help you bring home a companion. Cat lovers worldwide can all agree on one thing, Bengal cats or Bengal kittens are the best cats you can have as pets.

A majority of them will tell you unapologetically that having a Bengal Cat as a cat pet beats having just any regular cat. In case you are wondering why: Bengal cats have great traits.

They are energetic, intelligent, have a playful nature, and very loving. Did we mention they are a very vocal breed? Well, now you know, they have a vast vocabulary. Many people are thinking of getting a Bengal Cat, which means that the demand is high.

If you want to get a Bengal cat or kitten as your pet and live in California, this post is definitely for you. Below you are going to find details of the best Bengal cat breeders in California.

Before getting started, check out our list of the most popular cat breeds.

Note: All the Bengal cat breeders listed in this post are Bengal cat cub verified.

1. Black Mtn Bengals

Black Mtn Bengals

First on the list of Bengal Cat breeders in California is “Black Mtn Bengals.” All the Bengal cats and kittens they breed spot large open tri-colored rosettes. You know, just like the one you see on TV or in magazines.

They are all spayed, microchipped, and neutered. If you are getting a Bengal kitten, it’ll be vaccinated, de-wormed, and eating on its own.

Prices for Bengal Cats or Bengal kittens that Black Mtn Bengals offers start from $2,700 to $3,200. As a buyer, you’ll need to sign a pet agreement before getting your hands on their precious Bengals.

Black Mtn Bengals Business Details

2. Precious Bengals

Precious Bengals

Precious Bengals is a TICA-registered specialized breeder of Bengal cats. One of the many positives with this breeder is the wide range of Bengal cats they have.

They have red, silver, brown, marble, and gold rosette Bengal kittens. Once in a while, if you are lucky, you might find that they have snow Bengal kittens.

Worth noting, they raise all their cats at home and treat them as pets. In addition, their cats are TICA registered, vaccinated, de-wormed, and screened for any health conditions. You’ll have a super healthy companion.

Precious Bengals Business Details

3. Koppie Katz Cattery

Koppie Katz Cattery

This Bengal Cat breeder prides itself in breeding the very best Bengal kittens in California and throughout the country. They always ensure that they care for their Bengals the right way, and a testament to this is the number of organizations that Koppie Katz Cattery is a proud member of.

These organizations include TICA, TIBCS, Pets4You.com, and BengalBreeder.net. They also ensure that their Bengal Cats and Bengal kittens receive vaccines, get de-wormed, and screened for any health conditions. Visit their website or call them for more information about their Bengal Cats or Bengal kittens.

Koppie Katz Cattery Business Details

4. San Jose Bengal Cats

San Jose Bengal Cats

Last on the list of Bengal Cat breeders in California is “San Jose Bengal Cats.” San Jose Bengal Cats prides itself on breeding Bengal Cats and Bengal kittens that are social, friendly, and healthy.

They’ve taken several measures when breeding their cats. These include caring for them in an open space and socializing with them regularly from the time they are young.

It’s a TICA registered breeder and is health tested. All Bengal Cats and Bengal kittens from this breeder include de-worming, vaccination, and a 2-year genetic health guarantee.

San Jose Bengal Cats Business Details

Bengal Cat Breeders in California

Bengal Cat Breeders in California

Bengal Cats are great pets to have around. If you want one, you should act on your thoughts. Don’t go around cat shelters looking for one, however. It is next to impossible to find a Bengal there because of how rare Bengal Cats are.

If you’re purchasing from unknown Bengal Cat breeders in California, we highly recommend that you do your research before making any further decisions.

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