4 Best American Shorthair Breeders in Texas! (2022)

Are you searching for the best American Shorthair breeders in Texas? If you are, then here’s what you need to know. Believed to be decedents of the European cats, American Shorthairs are excellent house pets.

They are intelligent, loving, and friendly. Even better, you can count on them to protect your house from mice and rats. Yes, this is what American Shorthairs are best known for.

American Shorthairs are ranked the seventh most popular cat pedigree in America in terms of popularity. If you are a cat lover living in Texas and looking for an American Shorthair, then you’ll realize that finding one is not easy. Why?

Well, American Shorthair breeders are not that many in Texas. So to help you get your adorable American Shorthair, this post shares a list of the best American Shorthair breeders in Texas. Included are also rescue centers in Texas where you can get an American Shorthair.

1. Texas Exotic Shorthair Cats

Texas Exotic Shorthair Cats

Founded 25 years ago, Texas Exotic Shorthair Cats is a Texas-based breeder. It specializes in raising adorable American Shorthair and Exotic Shorthair kittens. Their kittens are free to roam around their home and play all day.

They do, however, have kitty apartments. Kitty apartments are where the cats go to sleep. They equip their kitty apartments with food, water, a bed, and a little litter pan. You might want one yourself when you get their kitten(s).

Texas Exotic Shorthair Cats Details

2. Miss Fannie’s Friends Cat Rescue

Miss Fannie’s Friends Cat Rescue American Shorthair

Miss Fannie’s Friends Cat Rescue is an all-volunteer foster-based 501c3 cat rescue. Its mission is adoption, educating people about cats in general and neutering cats to reduce the homeless cat population.

Miss Fannie’s Friends Cat Rescue rescues one of the cats’ breeds is American Shorthairs. They currently have a few available as of writing this post. You can see the American Shorthairs they have available on their website. You can also see them by visiting their AdoptAPet page.

Miss Fannie’s Friends Cat Rescue Details

3. Cacao Cattery

Cacao Cattery American Shorthair Texas

Established in 1971, Cacao Cattery is an American Shorthair breeder in Texas. Their passion is simple, raise happy, healthy, and personable kittens while promoting and preserving pure-bred cat breeds. Cacao Cattery specializes in raising Persians, Himalayans, American Shorthairs & American Wirehairs.

Over the years, they provided many families with loving pets and produced over 200 CFA Grand Champions. Get in touch with them to check whether or not they have American Shorthair kitten(s) available right now.

Cacao Cattery Details

4. Sierra’s K9 Rescue & Rehab

Sierra’s K9 Rescue & Rehab American Shorthair Texas

Last on the list of American Shorthair breeders in Texas is a rescue center in Sierra’s K9 Rescue & Rehab. Don’t let the name complete you, Sierra’s K9 Rescue & Rehab is home to some adorable cats and kittens. They rescue unfortunate cats and search for their happy forever homes.

Some of the kittens and cats in their care are American Shorthairs. In addition to viewing available American Shorthairs on their official page, you can and should visit Sierra’s K9 Rescue & Rehab AdopAPet page.

Sierra’s K9 Rescue & Rehab Details

Conclusion For The “Best American Shorthair Breeders in Texas”

Conclusion For The Best American Shorthair Breeders in Texas

We hope this list of American Shorthair breeders in Texas compiled by our team will help you on your journey for a companion. If you have any questions about these American Shorthair breeders out in Texas, feel free to reach out to them with the following information provided.

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