4 Best Alfa Romeo Dealerships in Ireland! (2022)

Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of the best Alfa Romeo dealerships in Ireland to help you on your journey for a vehicle. We understand the challenges of finding a dealership in Ireland, so we researched to help save you time.

1. Paschal Kennedy Motors

Paschal Kennedy Motors Ireland

Paschal Kennedy Motors is a go-to Alfa Romeo dealership in Ireland. It is conveniently located in Dun Laoghaire and has a large stock of new and pre-owned Alfa Romeo.

In addition to selling Alfa Romeo branded cars, Paschal Kennedy Motors is an authorized Alfa Romeo service agent. You can trust Paschal Kennedy Motors to fix any problem you might have with your Alfa Romeo car.

Paschal Kennedy Motors Details

2. Waterford Motor Village

Waterford Motor Village Ireland

Waterford Motor Village is a must mention when talking about Alfa Romeo dealerships in Ireland. Waterford Motor Village offers a wide range of Alfa Romeo cars/vehicles like the Giulietta.

A big plus with Waterford Motor Village is that they have both new models and high-quality used cars that suit every lifestyle and pocket. They also have a full-service department to cater to all Alfa Romeo makes and models.

Waterford Motor Village Details

3. Agnelli Motor Park

Agnelli Motor Park Ireland

With over 20 years of experience in selling cars, Agnelli Motor Park has made many car lovers in Ireland happy. Agnelli Motor Park prides itself in its friendly and professional services.

Agnelli Motor Park offers a range of cars to car lovers in Ireland. They offer Alfa Romeo, Suzuki, Peugeot, Fiat, and Jeep. Agnelli Motor Park is also popular for the range of services, accident repair, and parts they offer and make on cars of different make and models.

Agnelli Motor Park Details

4. Tractamotors Blanchardstown Ltd

Tractamotors Blanchardstown Ltd Ireland

Last on the list of the best Alfa Romeo dealerships in Ireland is “Tractamotors Blanchardstown Ltd. Tractamotors Blanchardstown Ltd is Ireland’s longest established Alfa Romeo dealer.

It does have a wide stock that is updated daily, making it easy for customers to find the car they want. Tractamotors Blanchardstown Ltd strives for professionalism in all their business activities.

Tractamotors Blanchardstown Ltd Details

Conclusion For The “Best Alfa Romeo Dealerships in Ireland”

Conclusion For The Best Alfa Romeo Dealerships in Ireland

We hope this list of Alfa Romeo dealerships in Ireland will help you find a suitable vehicle for your journey. Whether you plan to purchase an Alfa Romeo vehicle from our list of Ireland dealerships or through another source, you should always do additional research.

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