4 Best Alfa Romeo Dealerships in Canada! (2022)

If you’re searching for the best Alfa Romeo dealerships in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at ILY Best compiled this list of Canada’s best Alfa Romeo dealerships for you to check out.

1. Alfa Romeo of Toronto

Alfa Romeo of Toronto Canada

Alfa Romeo of Toronto boasts a line-up of high-end performing cars that are well designed and have cutting-edge technology. One of the many positives associated with Alfa Romeo of Toronto is its professionalism and craftsmanship.

Furthermore, they have a wide range of sleek and stylish cars. Even better, the pre-owned and new cars at Alfa Romeo of Toronto are dependable, offer exceptional performance, and have family-focused comfort.

Alfa Romeo of Toronto Details

2. Alfa Romeo of London

Alfa Romeo of London (Canada)

You get exclusive performance and design with Alfa Romeo of London. With many years of experience, the sales team at Alfa Romeo of London is sure to satisfy any customer’s needs.

When you walk into Alfa Romeo of London, their sales team is happy and ready to help you get the car of your dreams. Viewing their inventory online on their social media sites is also available.

Alfa Romeo of London Details

3. DesSources Alfa Romeo

DesSources Alfa Romeo (Canada)

DesSources Alfa Romeo is a must-feature when discussing the best Alfa Romeo dealerships in Canada. DesSources Alfa Romeo is the flagship Alfa Romeo dealer in Quebec.

They offer car lovers in Quebec a wide range of pre-owned and new cars. DesSources Alfa Romeo currently serves Canada’s areas:  Montreal, Laval, the South Shore, and the West Island.

DesSources Alfa Romeo Details

4. Alfa Romeo of Vancouver

Alfa Romeo of Vancouver (Canada)

The fourth car dealership to make our list of the best Alfa Romeo car dealerships in Canada is Alfa Romeo of Vancouver. Alfa Romeo of Vancouver prides itself in catering to the needs of its customers with premier customer service.

Other than services, Alfa Romeo of Vancouver has a wide selection of new and pre-owned cars for its customers. With their pre-owned cars, Alfa Romeo of Vancouver goes out of its way to sell them at competitive prices.

Alfa Romeo of Vancouver Details

Conclusion For The “Best Alfa Romeo Dealerships in Canada”

Conclusion For The Best Alfa Romeo Dealerships in Canada

Our team at ILY Best hopes that this list of Alfa Romeo dealerships will help you find the right vehicle for you. Whether you plan to purchase an Alfa Romeo vehicle from our list of dealerships in Canada or through another source, remember always to do additional research.

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